For Companies

As an extension of your current employee benefit offerings, access to the EnrichedHQ Marketplace gives employees the flexible options they need. Options that extend beyond traditional daycare stipends and nanny services.

Most often, managing work and family responsibilites creates competing priorities.
Parents become stressed and less productive at work. The EnrichedHQ Marketplace helps parents adjust to balancing remote work, virtual meetings, and flexible school schedules.

We handle all the logistics for them.

The EnrichedHQ Marketplace: A new solution to the new normal.

A one-stop-digital-shop where parents can find, book, and reserve enriching virtual activities for their K-12 kids. Our powerful platform takes care of all the logistics.

Getting started is easy and cost-effective. Your employees will be back on the road to regaining their sanity and balancing competing priorities in no time.

  • Low per-monthly employee fees
  • Corporate activity credits and loyalty programs
  • Integrated employee communication, onboarding & support

Childcare doesn't end with daycare graduation.

Everything we provide our kids is child development and extends well beyond the daycare and sitter years. It's also not just limited to academic support. Whether parents seek tutoring, music, arts, language, or social and emotional (SEL) development, the EnrichedHQ Marketplace brings together the best for families in one spot.

Employers addressing these individualized needs lead the way in employee retention and attracting top talent.

EnrichedHQ Marketplace employee access for as little as pennies per day.

Coordinated communications, onboarding and support.

Increased employee productivity and retention.

Flexible options for individualized needs.

Your employees are your most valuable assets.

Let’s solve this problem together. Employee retention is important and attracting top talent is expensive. Not to mention life is infinitely more complicated now for parents working from home and managing family responsibilities simultaneously.