Meet our founder, Carleen Haylett.

Enough! As a single mother and technology leader, Carleen knew there was a solution to her struggles with balancing work and family responsibilities.

A solution that would provide an easy way to build a comprehensive enrichment program for her son. One that offered best-in-class programs and activities from a single spot.

With her son now 10, he no longer needs daycare or a sitter. But finding and managing options that support different areas of his development is a logistical nightmare.

Her response-The EnrichedHQ Marketplace. A single spot to build enrichment programs for K-12 kids. One that makes it easy for families to engage with the best content providers from a single spot. Now parents can easily find, book, and manage programs and activities that support the entire development journey of their kids.

After 25+ years in enterprise technology, Carleen’s mission is to take advantage of incredible technology advances to help families, especially women being forced to choose between career and family. She and the EnrichedHQ team work tirelessly with corporations to ensure families have options that help to more easily manage work and family responsibilities.

We’re parents too.

Even before 2020, the labyrinth of finding and managing programs and activities for our kids took a herculean effort.

We dreamed of an option that brought together the best options across all aspects of what our K-12 kids needed. Options that supported their total journey to becoming young adults.

Whether it be academic support, social and emotional learning, arts, music, or dance. We no longer wanted to dive down an Internet rathole just to find something great.

That’s why we created the EnrichedHQ Marketplace. For us. A single spot with the best-in-class programs and live, virtual activities that we could manage from a single spot.

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