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Our partner community represents an exclusive set of best-in-class content providers delivering exceptional live, virtual programs and activities for K-12 kids. EnrichedHQ clients and their employees trust only the best partners are available through the EnrichedHQ Marketplace.

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More Customers

Whether enrichment programs are virtual or in-person, parents struggle piecing together schedules for their kids.
The EnrichedHQ Marketplace makes it easy for parents to sign up for your activities and we provide the powerful tech for them to do it.

More Reach

Reaching more families means elevating your brand. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.
Our team is all about breaking down the barriers between you and new customers. As a partner you’ll keep your marketing spend minimal while supercharging your brand.

More Focus

As a growing small business we know there are a million things to get done during the day.
Let us handle the logistics so you can focus on delivering exceptional activities. Together we make it easy for more families to participate in your offerings.

EnrichedHQ Activity Partners

Reaching >100k employees has never been easier.

Joining the EnrichedHQ Activity Partner community is fast and easy.
Your programs will enjoy promotion to over 100k+ global employees through our clients. Monthly promotions and exclusive events with global companies help expand your reach, grow your business, and support more K-12 kids through their entire development journey.

Popular Choice



  • No monthly fees
  • 10 monthly activity postings
  • Unlimited bookings
  • 17% per activity booking fee

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  • Unlimited monthly posts
  • 2 monthly “featured activity” listings
  • Inclusion in targeted outreach programs
  • 14% per activity booking fee

Popular Choice



  • Unlimited monthly posts
  • 10 monthly “featured activity” listings
  • Individualized marketing promotion
  • Dedicated partner success manager
  • 12% per activity booking fee

Popular Choice

No Subscription Fees-Ever

  • Unlimited monthly program and activity posts
  • Regular “featured activity” listings
  • Individualized marketing promotion
  • Dedicated partner success manager
  • Low 21% booking fee per activity

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    We can't wait to get to you know you. Enter the requested information and submit. You'll then have an opportunity to schedule an introductory session with our partner team. We look forward to meeting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I post activities?

    Once registered as an EnrichedHQ partner our team hosts an onboarding session to walk you through setting up your activities and managing them ongoing. It’s super easy.

    What if an activity has multiple days, times, or lengths?

    Not a problem. The platform allots for multiple days/times for single or multi-day events. Parents can register for a single event or multiple all in one transaction.

    What if an activity has special requirements for registration?

    We can handle all the details your activities require. Our team will work with you to make sure any pre-requisites are addressed prior to booking.

    Can I reach a specific target audience through your programs?

    As part of the Power package, your dedicated success manager works with you for individualized ‘featured activity’ programs.

    What if I want customers to register directly with me?

    Each partner is different. That’s why our team takes the time to understand your business. We will work with you to ensure being an EnrichedHQ partner makes it easy to fill your activities and fits your business need.

    How is payment handled?

    EnrichedHQ handles booking transactions with the parents and remits payments to partners on a bi-monthly schedule.

    How many activity posting can I have?

    Go for it! All EnrichedHQ packages allow for unlimited postings. The more the merrier because parents love choice.

    How do I know it’s working?

    As a partner, you will receive monthly communication on our outreach programs. The best indicator will be the increased registrations in your activities.

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