FEATURED activities

1-on-1 Lingo Plaza Single Plaza Lesson

The best way to learn Spanish online. Education made fun for kids, convenient for parents.  Lingo Plaza offers online Spanish

EHQ Kid Concierge

Let us do all the legwork.     Looking for something specific or multiple things for multiple kids? Piecing it all

Learn Income Tax

Learn the in’s and out’s (and the why’s) of tax returns! In this class, we will discuss income tax basics


1:1 Digital Animation 10 Pack. Flexible Scheduling

Kick off your digital animation journey with YoungGates.  Adventure into the world of Stop-motion and Animation Introduction to multiple animation

1:1 Fundamentals of Art, Design & Animation. 10 Pack. Flexible Scheduling

Start your design, illustration and animation journey with YoungGates.  In this combination course students will learn the fundamentals of design,

1:1 Fundamentals of Excel. 10 Pack. Flexible scheduling

Master Microsoft Excel with YoungGates.  In this course we will start from scratch and cover topics from an overview of

1:1 Graphic Design 10 Pack. Flexible Scheduling

Kick off your digital design journey with YoungGates.  Digital design touches all parts of our lives. Learn the best techniquies

1:1 Scratch Coding with AI. 10 Pack. Flexible scheduling

Learn the power of learning to program with Scratch + Artificial Intelligence with YoungGates.  Learn how to create amazing games,

1:1 Visual Story Telling 10 Pack. Flexible Scheduling

Unlock your inner storyteller YoungGates.  Learn how to build an illustrated, digital storybook starting from the foundation. Students will learn:

1:1-3D Printing & Product Design 10 pack

Begin your 3D product design and building journey with YoungGates.  Dive into the world of creation and explore how things

Begin AP Computer Science 10 Pack

Begin your Computer Science journey with YoungGates.  Learn essential Java programming skills and master big ideas in computer science. Learn