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HELP! We’re drowning.

Help! We’re Drowning!

Every single day we hear a new study or stat echoing from the ether, that reiterates the crushing theme of families suffering trying to manage work/childcare/school and life in general. The latest stats are always a humbling part of the story. My particular favorite (insert eyeroll here) focuses on the massive number of women, who now opt out of the labor force because there aren’t solutions to help with childcare needs.

For many, it’s no longer a decision about how to maintain this fragile balance of education, home care, and extracurricular activities, but whether or not it’s even remotely sustainable to do so!

Sadly for most, the answer seems to be a resounding NO.

1 in 4 women have left or are changing jobs because of the lack of childcare options. 865,000 women in September alone have given up their job, their careers, and income because the current reality is unsustainable. (McKinsey: Care options are in flux due to recent rises in pandemic cases, the difficulty of ensuring children are engaged in activities becomes even more onerous. Not to mention the logistical nightmare of finding, registering, managing and paying for them just to maintain a sense of normalcy.

We’re all drowning and in desperate need of substantial conversation and creative solutions.

This is an opportunity to fix our broken system and create positive and long lasting change!

EnrichedHQ takes advantage of the technology available at our fingertips to make parents’ lives easier today.

EnrichedHQ rises to this challenge and brings flexible options to families to meet them where they are today and sustain them well into our future. We utilize advancements in technology and on-demand services so that families can manage flexible work environments, get access to quality childcare and enriching activities.

The EnrichedHQ Marketplace is designed as a one-stop-shop to find engaging activities for children, both in-person and virtually. The Marketplace eliminates the logistical nightmares of scouring the web for activities, comparing schedules and pricing, managing multiple accounts and payments, and piecing together a schedule.

The EnrichedHQ Lounge micro-centers meet the demands of busy parents (and kids who hate running errands). We’ve taken the best part of hiring a babysitter, coupled it with extracurricular activities and made it truly on-demand by leveraging modern technology. Freeing parents from the rigors of finding sitters, arranging schedules and handling logistics, parents can now simply access a EnrichedHQ micro- center and book short term care on-demand.

Our team is working feverishly to bring our mission to parents because we are parents too and our struggles are the same as yours.

It’s time to face the challenges ahead of us, strongly and in unison. Join the EnrichedHQ family and know that you are doing the right thing for yours.

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