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ChatGPT and Me: Why Writing Well Matters for Your Child’s Future

Let’s talk about the growing popularity of tech tools like ChatGPT. There’s a lot of conversation about whether it’s negatively impacting academic growth for kids.

Whether your family embraces tech as part of your kid’s academic journey or not, innovation will continue. Just like I used a calculator for my math homework, new tools will continue to evolve. Some helpful, some not so much.

To start though, it’s important to note our posts aren’t intended to influence the use of tech. Nor is it to question experts who’ve dedicated their work to understanding tech’s impacts on kids. Our focus is bringing together the best uses of new tools to equip kids with life skills for their journey ahead.

Over here though, we’re techies. Knowing this will give you an idea of how we approach the inclusion of tech in our lives.

This month EnrichedHQ is focused on programs supporting the development of solid writing techniques. Good writing is a fundamental skill that will contribute to future success beyond just crafting a great story.

As a quick example, in our house, my 11yo knows when he wants a new shiny gadget he must build a proposal. His “pitch” needs to include research, the value proposition, and the business case. To get what he wants, he has to present it to the approval board (mom). Overkill for an 11yo? Maybe so, but it’s my way of preparing him for a lifetime of negotiations.

With this exercise, he learns to assemble his thoughts, plan for his desired outcome and craft his story. Not to mention learning that money doesn’t grow on trees.

This week he asked for an allowance advancement of $100. He wanted to buy software code from a fellow developer. The proposal was solid and had all the parts including how he planned to pay off the debt.

BUT he didn’t write it himself. ChatGPT did. Even though he had read the output and presented it, it wasn’t his work. It’s possible using ‘unconscionable’ was what tipped me off.

I got to wondering. In this case, was the use of tech, specifically ChatGPT, helping him or hurting him?

I concluded this wasn’t so great. Not because the use of tech couldn’t help him refine his pitch, but rather that these were not his thoughts. He hadn’t sat down to craft his ideas, build his story, and put in the work to end with a convincing “ask”.

This is exactly why EHQ partners with leaders like Kaleidoscope Education. Through their innovative liberal arts programs, Kaleidoscope focuses on helping kids develop a solid foundation for crafting a WOW! story. As a start, the Personal Essay Story Structure class helps kids to nail the baseline structures of building a great story. These fundamentals apply to any writing. Through this course, kids get a strong appreciation for:

  • How to write a compelling hook
  • When to give context
  • How to highlight your work — and its impact — without boring the reader
  • How to write a closing sentence that isn’t just “In summary…”

Our friends at Kaleidoscope focus on Practical Liberal Arts courses that bridge the gap between academic knowledge and purposeful action in the world. Their programs rest on the understanding that “ideas become realized through skills, and skills are made meaningful by ideas.” In her own words, Founder and CEO Sarah Dillard shares this perspective:

“Once you have a framework for how to capture and hold your readers’ interest, there’s no limit to what you can create–even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer.”

Why Writing Well Matters

Besides findings from a recent study by The Journal of Educational Philosophy,* experts largely agree developing solid writing skills contributes to a broad range of positive impacts for kids. Here are just a few examples:

  • Communication Skills — Effectively articulating thoughts and ideas to others builds confidence and leadership qualities.
  • Critical Thinking Skills — analyzing information, synthesizing ideas, and making logical arguments. All components to successfully navigating life.
  • Self-Expression — Helps kids explore their thoughts, formulate opinions, and express themselves in a creative and meaningful way.
  • Future career opportunities — Good writing skills are highly valued and largely required in professional life. Whatever the journey, solid writing skills can open a world of possibilities.

Some Easy Ways You Can Help Your Kids

Practice makes perfect. Here are a few strategies from some of our favorite experts:

  • Encourage Reading — Reading and writing go hand in hand. By encouraging your child to read widely and often, you are exposing them to different styles of writing and helping them develop their writing voice.
  • Provide Writing Prompts — Sometimes, all your child needs is a little inspiration. How about setting aside journaling time together?
  • Offer Feedback — When your child does write, offer constructive feedback. Ask questions, dig deeper, and encourage them to explain the “whys” of their writing.

How EnrichedHQ Can Help

With leaders like Kaleidoscope, The EnrichedHQ Marketplace offers several programs focused on mastering the art of writing. Our programs focus on the life-skills-building areas traditional schools and curricula tend not to provide. Our mission is to ensure all kids have access to learning opportunities that will help them thrive as young adults and beyond.

What can your child become?

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About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope’s Practical Liberal Arts classes prepare students for a future that’s already here. Our classes offer opportunities for students to grapple with societal challenges and build valuable skills. The design team includes recent alumni of top universities, who infuse our classes with the ideas and skills they wish they had learned in high school.