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Disrupting Corporate Childcare Via Technology with Carleen Haylett


Disruption Interruption podcast host and veteran communications disruptor, Karla Jo Helms, recently sat down with Carleen Haylett, CEO and Founder of EnrichedHQ, to find out how their technology is working with corporate clients to provide access to working families as an extension of traditional childcare options.


Fifty-six percent of employers in the U.S. now offer some child care benefits, compared to only 36% in 2019, according to a survey by (1) To account for changes to the nuclear model which sees more cohabitation and family structure diversity, childcare is evolving toward being flexible and relationship centered i.e., engaging with their children.

Enter disruptor Carleen Haylett who founded Enriched HQ, a company using technology to change how parents access high-value enrichment activities and content for school-aged kids. She joins Disruption Interruption host Karla Jo Helms to discuss how the technology at EnrichedHQ is changing how corporations think about employee benefits and providing parents with new ways to engage their kids.

Haylett reflects on the costs associated with employee turnover and how the focus needs to shift to flexibility for employees. “Every time an employee leaves an organization, it flat out costs them one and a half times that employee’s annual salary.”

Key takeaways:

  • How EnrichedHQ addresses the gap in childcare options for older children
  • Why women are heavily impacted by access to child enrichment activities
  • How SaaS platforms are influencing diversity and inclusion in corporations
  • The importance of flexibility for today’s working parents
  • How childcare options can save companies millions in employee retention costs

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